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Before you come for eyelash extensions

  • Do not curl your lashes.   
  • Do not put on mascara.
  • Do not use oil–based make up remover.  
  • Remove eye make-up and clean your lashes with oil-free make-up remover. 

After Care

  • Sleep on your back. 
  • Do not rub your eyelashes  
  • Use water based eye makeup remover. 
  • Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler. 
  • Avoid hot steam or sauna immediately afterwards.  
  • Avoid oil-based products and be gentle with the lashes. 
  • Do not pull on your lashes, it may cause your natural lashes to come out.
  • It is recommended to come in for a touch-up every two or three weeks to maintain fullness and taking good care of your natural lashes and extension lashes. 


Let the magic begins! Why choose Xtreme Lashes.


The ultimate breakthrough in flat lashes! Achieve a voluminous, lash doubling look with Faux Mink X-Wrap™ eyelash extensions. The superior interlocking “X” shape of the Faux Mink X-Wrap™ lash wraps and locks onto the natural lash resulting in tighter bonds, superior attachment, and longer-lasting lashes.

Price List

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